With a wide range of services to protect your solar plant from failure which can lead to unexpected downtime and additional expenses.  Our team of service professionals has the know-how and expertise to get the job done when you need it done, safely and efficiently. Let us know how we can help, and we guarantee a pleasant experience with our staff. 

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Rapid Return Of Investment

Soiling is a natural occurrence, which cannot be prevented. Although, it's possible to mitigate its negative effects by means of incorporating a comprehensive preventive maintenance regimen. 

Our services are performed quickly and efficiently by trained professionals. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service we provide. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Necessary For Production Based Solar Plants

With any power plant, a commissioned solar power plant requires frequent maintenance. Also, as the solar plant gets older, operation and maintenance (O&M) becomes increasingly essential for improving or maintaining the performance of the plant.

Rodent Deterrent Install

Protects Panel Wiring From Rodents Nesting

Get the results you deserve with this quality service, and at an affordable price too! Our qualified team of professionals bring their experience and know-how with them on every job. But what really sets our services apart from the rest of the industry is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each client.

Visual Inspections

Check All Components Of The Solar Plant 

We will send our highly skilled and experienced technicians to your site to thoroughly inspect your system component for rodent

infestation, corrosion and shading issues that can negatively impact your solar plant energy production. A detailed maintenance report will express the health of your system. 

Contact us today for more details about the services that we offer.

"Phillip and his team were fantastic.  Scheduled quickly, arrived on-time and did a great job - very professional operation.

My solar panels were covered in a sticky film of pollen, and I was clearly seeing a reduction in production on my monitoring system.  Now they look like new and numbers are back up to where I want them to be.

He also checked my gutters at my request, and did recommend a cleaning - which I was expecting, given how long it had been.  He was able to provide that service at the same time, which was a very nice surprise.

Solar-Klean will definitely be cleaning my panels and caring for my gutters on a regular basis!"

Greyson M.

Palm Springs, CA